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Deer animation maya rig w. env pack

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This deer rig is a Maya professional level animation rig designed to meet a broad range of animation requirements.

Included in this package is a setpiece with grassland, textures and a temple in the background.

The rig features a low resolution mode for speedy playback, textures for nice playblasting and a lot of useful functions such as space switches on controllers and ik control in both directions from the ankles.

If you are looking to create some good body mechanics animation shots, then this is the rig for you.

Have a look at the demo video explaining how the rig works:

The rig is tested compatible with:

Maya 2017 - 2018 and newer.

For more info and enquiries please contact

This package comes with following files:

  • Deer animation rig and model.

  • Texture files.

  • Two demo animation scenes, walkcykle and sitting pose.

  • A setpiece maya file with grasslands and temple geometry with shaders.

  • Setpiece texture files

Terms of use are:

Free to use in project, commercial or otherwise once purchased.

The files provided may be used only by the single user who purchased the product and the files provided is not to be sold or resold.

The product may be used in films, animations or similar and sold as such but the original file/model/product may not be distributed, shared or sold on.

For more info and enquiries please contact

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Maya file with model, shader, textures, all rigged. Along with set piece.

123 MB

Deer animation maya rig w. env pack

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