Pestilence Maya rig

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Pestilence Maya rig

Bjorn Sorensen
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The pestilence rig is a bipedal demon with full facial rig and cartoony body setup.

The rig is a professional level Autodesk Maya rig  with a broad range of functions.

Have a look at the demo video explaining how the rig works:


The rig is tested compatible with:

The rig runs smoothly on even older computers and is compatible with Autodesk Maya 2018 and newer.

For more info and enquiries please contact Michellek.from@gmail.com



Please note that the rig is not compatible with maya 2016 or older. 

This package comes with following files:

Pestilence rig and model.

Walkcycle animation scene.

Texture files.

Terms of use are:

Free to use in personal project, once purchased.

This version is not for commercial use, please contact blaabjergb@gmail.com to inquire. 

The files provided may be used only by the single user who purchased the product and the files provided is not to be shared, sold or resold.

The product may be used in films, animations or similar but the original file/model/product may not be distributed, shared or sold on.

For more info and enquiries please contact Michellek.from@gmail.com

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Maya character rig with textures. + demo animation walkcykle

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